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The Five-Minute Star Trek Subsite FAQ


Q: What is Five-Minute Star Trek (the original series)?

It's the subsite of Five-Minute Voyager dedicated to the original series of Star Trek. Also covered are the seven feature length films with the original series cast, and the short lived Animated Adventures of the TOS crew. Collectively, it's referred to by the abbreviation 5MST. (See the main Five-Minute Voyager FAQ for information about the site as a whole.)

Q: Who's in charge?

The section head of 5MST is IJD GAF. He contributes to the subsite fairly regularly and handles any submissions to the subsite. You can contact him at his 5MV address

Q: Is 5MST open for submissions?

Yes, most seasons still have episodes available for fiving. The major exceptions are the TAS and movies sections, which have both been completely fived. Before you start, read through the Submissions FAQ.

Q: Why is the order of the first few episodes of Season One incorrect?

Basically, 5MST's policy is to list the episodes by order of airdate just as every other subsite does. The problem here is, the first aired episode of the original series was not the pilot ("Where No Man Has Gone Before" was officially aired third). Thus, on the index page, WNMHGB was moved to the front, and the rest of the episodes follow in the correct order.

Q: Where did the comic for Star Trek: The Motion Picture come from?

The TMP comic was put together by a guy named Tommy Kvarsvik using screencaps from the movie itself, coupled by lines from the fiver itself. If you like his work on the TMP comic, check out the one he did for 5MNG's Encounter at Farpoint.

Q: Is something wrong with the fiver of "Bem"? I can't get it to work.

The fiver for "Bem" has gif animations which are activated by moving your mouse across them. Some browsers don't handle this very well, so if you're having problems, try using Internet Explorer.

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