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The Five-Minute Doctor Who Subsite FAQ

by Scooter

Q: What is Five-Minute Doctor Who?

It's the section of Five-Minute Voyager which is dedicated to Doctor Who. It's referred to by the abbreviation 5MDW. (See the main Five Minute Voyager FAQ for information about the site as a whole.)

Q: Wouldn't "5M?" be better?


Q: Who's in charge?

The section head of 5MDW is Scooter. You can contact him at scooter@galacticzero.com.

Q: Is 5MDW open for submissions?

Very much so. In fact, given that there are 173 stories to cover, and counting, we've barely scratched the surface. We're working on new fivers all the time, but guest fivers are always welcome if someone else hasn't already reserved the episode you want. Before you start, though, read through the Submissions FAQ.

Q: Do you want New Series fivers as well as fivers of the Classic Series?

New series fivers are generally going to be fived by us as they come out. If you're especially interested in a New Series fiver, ask about it.

Q: What about fivers of spin-offs, like the Big Finish audios?

We might do some spin-offs at some point, but right now we want to fill in the TV series as much as possible.

Q: What is Doctor Who, anyway?

Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction television series of all time. First broadcast on BBC1 in November 1963, the show stayed on the air (with one brief hiatus) until 1989. During the original run, seven different actors played the Doctor, an exiled Time Lord wandering the universe in the TARDIS -- a time machine disguised as a blue Police Box. There was a TV movie in 1996. A new version of the series returned to BBC1 in 2005.

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