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The Five-Minute Andromeda Subsite FAQ

by Zeke

Q: What is Five-Minute Andromeda?

It's the subsite of Five-Minute Voyager dedicated to Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. It's referred to by the abbreviation 5MA. (See the main Five-Minute Voyager FAQ for information about the site as a whole.)

Q: Who's in charge?

The section head of 5MA is Zeke. He adds new material periodically and handles any submissions to the subsite. You can contact him at zeke@sci-fivers.com.ar.

Q: Is 5MA open for submissions?

Yes, all seasons of Andromeda are available to guest writers. Before you start, read through the Submissions FAQ.

Q: Why has it been so long since the last Andromeda fiver?

I started this subsite when Christian Höhne Sparborth, who had just hired me to write Enterprise fivers for the Trek Nation, asked if I was interested in doing the same for his Andromeda network, SlipstreamWeb. I agreed, and while I didn't do a very consistent job, I continued writing fivers for SSW periodically for the next year and a half. But in early 2003, Christian and the other administrators decided to close SlipstreamWeb for a number of reasons. That meant that 5MA was no longer a commitment to me, and since I have no special enthusiasm for the series, I don't consider adding to this subsite a priority.

However, I do still intend to visit here from time to time. I have at least one nearly-finished fiver on paper that will eventually be published, and I enjoy working with these characters. In addition, there are several unpublished Season 1 guest fivers which have spent far too long in my backlog. Five-Minute Andromeda isn't dead -- it's just dormant.

Got a question you think should be in this FAQ? E-Mail it to Zeke.

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